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My Word, de Carme Puche Moré

My Word / Spain / 2023 / HD / Original version: English

Direction, script and editing: Carme Puche Moré

Voice over: Claudette Wells

AI cinematographer: Sergio Álvarez-Napagao
Sound design: Jordi Rabascall Madrid

Violin: Olivier Jambois

Diversity conultant: Salima Jirari

Thanks: Erin Donovan

Video still not available online.


+Rain Film Festival, Barcelona, 2023


Artificial Intelligence Film Festival of Dubai, 2023


Spe Media Festival 2024


Festival Internacional De Cine Con Medios Alternativos Ficma, Mexico, 2023


CVPR AI Art Gallery, Canada, 2024


Ai Artificial Intelligence, Center Of Contemporary Culture Of Barcelona, CCCB, 2023-2024


Dimarts De Vídeo, Arts Santa Mònica, Art Center Of Barcelona, 2023

My Word

MY WORD is an audiovisual creation project based on text-to-image latent diffusion model (LDM) technology that uses implicit bias in technology to be part of the debate on the unconscious biases generated by the patriarchal and colonial system . It starts from a creative investigation of the current tools developed to relate the creation of imagination with the new stakes of Artificial Intelligence.

We know that the imagination generated by audiovisuals has a great power not only to represent the world we live in, but to shape how we relate to each other. The imagination is so powerful that it modifies behavior. Sometimes the simple fact of being represented or not can make us feel validated (or rather not) for a profession, for example. It's that of If she can see it, she can be it. But we're not just talking about the fact that a girl feels validated for being an astronaut, but about endless looks that determine and mark our way of being, our beliefs and consequently our actions in this world.


If we look at big data and imagine the world as a big sheet made up of billions of images, all of them organized by the law of the logarithm of proximity (words near an image define it), and take this sheet as a reference for the creation of new images... what dress will it give us? When society has not yet been able to create an imaginary that approaches reality, responsible, rich and inclusive with all the people who inhabit the planet, an Artificial Intelligence tool reaches the hands of everyone to be able create new images from these same biases. The result is sometimes devastating. It is true that the result is sometimes terrifying, but at the same time, we have found some hopeful results. We are investigating how the machine interacts with diverse and inclusive imaginaries. What we are discovering is that the machine tells us, in some way, that through art we have the power to generate a new imaginary that at the same time transforms the way we describe the world, even through the same words

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