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In Search Of Truth



An emotional portrait of the brilliant scientist Lynn Margulis.


The actress asked not to be credited for personal reasons
Roosevelt (dog)    Tina


Interviews with
Marisa Castro, University of Vigo 
Marta Estrada, Institute of Marine Sciences-CSIC 
Mercè Piqueras, Catalan Association for Scientific Communication 
Montse Vallmitjana, Ernest Lluch High School 
Lois Brynes, Deep Time Associates 
Marie-Odile Gobillard, Arago Laboratory 
Bego Vendrell, Institute of Marine Sciences-CSIC 
Carmen Chica, International Microbiology 


Written and directed by Carme Puche Moré

Producers :: Carme Moré i Carles Puche
Cinematography :: Sergio Álvarez-Napagao

Camera operator :: Javier Rueda

Camer operator (interviews) :: Pilar M. Alaez

Assistant director :: Luz López

Assistant script :: Mònica alias

Sound design :: Jordi Rabascall 

Sound assistant :: RR Anguera, Iban Granero

Actress assistant :: Beth Bardají

Runner :: Badó Renau



Special thanks to Ricard Guerrero and Xavier Alfaras.



Director statement

When the American scientist Lynn Margulis passed away, in November 2011, I was shocked in a weird way. And I said “weird” because I have never met Lynn Margulis, but of course I knew who she was. National Medal of Science, mother of four children, she developed a new theory to understand thoroughly evolution, but her work is still in the dark for the big audience.


After her death, I started to surf networks, looking for reactions. There was one in Twitter that attracted my attention. A man said: "Am I the only one who thinks that Meryl Streep will be a great Lynn Margulis?". I thought he was right and from that second until now I couldn't stop thinking about making a movie about her. So the first impulse was to record something about her, and that “something” is the short film we are going to see.


You are going to see the emotional reaction of women that work with her and were friends of Lynn Margulis. Those interviews were so close to her death that it will be impossible to repeat them. They are passionately memories and draw us a personal portrait of Lynn Margulis.


I still remember the only time I saw her. It was in Barcelona, Spain, where I live. She was offering a talk about the origin of life. The room was full of people and I think all of us felt the same: she was comforting. I guess is the feeling you have when you are close to truth, even if you know it's so impossible to achieve it.


I really hope you enjoy this little tribute to a brilliant woman.

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