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El pianista Pere Ferré en el videoclip Empty Tables.

Empty Tables. A Tribute To Frank Sinatra



That was the last song Johnny Mercer wrote. He was a close friend of Sinatra and, of course, he wrote it for him. The lyrics are devastating: One man at the end of a career of success feels alone and he only miss a talk, a dinner with a woman. But he is talking to empty tables, there is nobody there to listen to him. The singer in the video, Jordi Rabascall, is a follower of Sinatra since his beginning as an electronic musician.The best way to do a video of Empty Tables it was transforming Jordi in a ghost. But we need an old Mercer, an old Sinatra, an old Jordi. So we ask to the amazing jazz piano player Pere Ferré to join us in this adventure. So he is the Mercer-Sinatra looking for his own soul, a soul made when he was a young musician blind for Las Vegas lights...

With Jordi Rabascall and Pere Ferré.

Music :: Jimmy Van Heusen. 
Lyrics :: Johnny Mercer
Cover by ::  Pere Ferré (piano) & Jordi Rabascall (voice)


Directed by Carme Puche Moré

Cinematography :: Sergio Álvarez-Napagao

Director Assistant :: Abigail Long

Second Director Assistants :: Ivan Foix, Carles Ollé

Gaffer :: Ana Soriano

Music Recording :: Josep Tomàs
Mixed by :: Estudi Puche Post Production Services


Sandra Martín Lara, L'Oncle Jack, Beth Bardají, Esther Escribano, Javier Rueda


Shot with Blackmagic URSA, in Barcelona, Catalonia

Estudi Puche & Aved Producciones production.

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