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Camille, de Carme Puche Moré

With Mercè Montalà (Camille Claudel), Arnau Vilardebò (Dr. Michaux), Elvira Rocha (Camille's mother), Núria Sas, Damián González, Raquel Anguita, Núria Calvet, Núria Salvadó, Judith Martín.


Directed by Carme Puche and Jaime García

Writer and producer :: Carme Puche Moré

Cinematography :: Sergio Álvarez-Napagao

Director assistant and script :: Luz López

Costume design :: Carme Moré

Sound and original music :: Jordi Rabascall

Cinematography assistants :: RR. Anguera, Jordi Català, Scott Chasserot

Steady cam :: Dani Llàcer

Traveling and crane :: Jaime García 

Actors and actresses assistant :: Beth Bardají

Makeup :: Cristina Montenegro, Irene Amayuelas, Cristina Santos 

Artistic attrezzo :: Carles Puche 

Costume design assistant :: Joaquima Moré 

Electrical department :: Carles Esporrín

Editing :: Carme Puche 

Color timing ::  Sergio Álvarez-Napagao 

Cellist :: Lourdes Duñó

Graphic design :: Stephane Carteron 


Our gratitude to :: Xavier Alfaras and Maria Calvo, Begoña García, Anna Guitart, Anna Aurich, Batabat, Inés Bernat, Maria Bestard, Ferran Cartes, Javi Cordón, Mónica Cuende, Area Escola de Dansa, Rafael Drubau, Martí Pey and Fina Ferrando, Miguel Figuerola, Montse Junyent, Toni Rabascall and Roser Madrid, Tino Solé and Norma Marcos, Matías Martínez, Enriqueta Nicolau, Sant Celoni Perruqueria Cristina, M. Antonia Pey, Stephane Pinaud, Xavi Plana, Lynn Poh, Víctor Rodrigo, Javier Rueda, Laura Serra, Ana Varela.


Special thanks to:

Reine-Marie Paris

Ricard Guerrero




Who will take care of you when they have locked you?


What people usually know about Camille Claudel's life is that she was Auguste Rodin's lover. Most of them would also know that she was a great sculptress too and became mad, being shut in a mental institution. Maybe, some of them would discover that she wasn't mad and only a few would realize that she had the opportunity to change this situation. 


This short is about that moment in Camille Claudel's life, when she tried to change her cruel reality. Her story is not just about a misunderstood artist woman at the beginning of the 20th century. Her story is about all the people that are different; those that society doesn’t want to understand and are forced  to stay out.


IMDB Carme Puche Moré
Premi Mejor guión, Carme Puche Moré
Premi Mejor Actriz, Mercè Montalà, Camille
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